Structural Design and Analysis Conclusion

The results of the analysis by applying the design load calculated in the three regulations are shown in the table below. In the case of von Mises equivalent stress, the maximum value of 44 MPa was shown at the place where the ship's chine and the hull's inner hull line meet. Even assuming a safety coefficient of 1.25 at 210 MPa, which is the yield strength of the material, it can be evaluated as structurally safe. In addition, the maximum displacement was 5.2 mm, which occurred largely on the Keel plate, which was caused by conservatively calculating the impact pressure area. Since the maximum stress is already within the linear range, it can be confirmed that the generated displacement 5.2 mm is also within the elastic limit.

Strength analysis results

Classification[KR] / 44.73[MPa] / 5.20[mm] / 22.48[MPa]

Displacement to the vertical direction under impact pressure
Displacement to the horizontal direction under impact pressure
Nominal stress under slamming pressure
Maximum shear stress under slamming pressure
Von-mises stress under slammming pressure
Glocal deformation under slamming pressure