Customizing Yachts Design

Yacht design customization allow you to design your own type of vessel using a modular ship library. Let's get Started

Shipbuilding Engineering Certification

Check the reliable hydrostatic linear review data from modular hulls

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Confirmation of reliable structual and mechanical linear review data for modular hulls

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Kr certified drawing line, GA, steel arrangement, center section for modular hull can be checked.

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Modular, Functional, Comfortable

50ft modular ship design

FLKO designs your dream yacht.

FLKO has a talented design that offers specification, layout planning, and detailed 3D modeling development. whether you choose a collaborative designer an in-house designer, or a combination, to final engineering. FLKO offers turnkey solutions from design to production

Your lifestyle, Your yacht!.

Yachts are about lifestyle. Family, friends, water sports, travel, adventure, cooking, service, entertainment, relaxation and travel to the ultimate feast. FLKO will make a yacht the way you want it to be. Your lifestyle, your yacht!